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  • Switching to Solar Power can save you on average for your California home around $250 a month. That’s going to be around $2500 a year.

  • Zero Down Financing & Installation Available to 99% of homeowners. Simple process, we take care of everything for you. Don’t be controlled by the Big Energy Companies

  • California Solar Rebates have been extended until 2020. Don’t wait and start saving today!

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Why 2020 Solar Power Financing and Installation Services

Simply becasue we can save you on average $300 a month and zero down financing

Zero Down Financing

Zero down and 98% Approval rates can get you to start saving on average $250 a month on your energy bills.

California Homes

If you are a California homeowner, we have your saving solution and average about $3,000 a year.

Why Solar in California

Solar is cheaper and environmentally friendly. Read More.

How It Works

If you add up all your solar bills and divide them by 12 that is your average monthly payment. Our goal is to install a complete system where the payment of that system is equal to your current average payment. So if your current average payment is $250 a month then your solar payment would be $250 a month. However, the biggest difference is that your solar payment never goes up. It stays at $250 a month for 20 years then goes to zero. The savings is that on average power companies increase their rates 5.8% a year and in California rates have doubled in the last 10 years.

The savings over time for the average consumer is $35,000 to $50,000 dollars simply by switching to solar and after 20 years their savings skyrocket once you get the system paid off. Also, most electricity in California is generated by Natural gas plants. The fear is that if you implement some form of Cap and Trade on fossil fuels that would drive up the cost of natural gas and the cost of electricity substantially. By switching to solar a customer does not experience any increase in costs. It’s like buying a car where the Chevron says as long as you buy your gas from us we will give you the car from the dealership for free. It’s the same thing with solar, customers are basically just buying the electricity from the roof for a fixed price over 20 years. And the best part is that after 20 years you own the system and their electricity is zero. And if you want you can pay off the balance anytime you want and own their panels and get the electricity for free. So it’s a win/win scenario. There is no increase in their current payments, you lock in their price of electricity forever so you will never experience an increase, and their costs eventually go to zero.


Without solar, you will always have increases, those increases could be substantial, and you never own anything so you are really at the mercy of the power companies.

How Home Solar Power System Works

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Steven Mcarthur

I was skeptical at first but after watching the video and then asking about what happens after it is paid off helped me to make an educated decision. we aren't saving as much as we thought but $170 a month is still $170.

Steven Mcarthur
Monetary Home Owner
Josh Kirkland

Their Professional installation group and designer had us up and going in a few short weeks and it was all a smooth process from beginning to end.

Josh Kirkland
Orange County Home Owner
Markel Díaz

2020 Solar Panels was able to get us the design we wanted so we didn't have to always see the panels on our roof. Noticeable change in utility bill for sure also.

Markel Díaz
Oakland Home Owner


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